Being injured by a distracted driver is especially frustrating

Being injured by a distracted driver is especially frustrating

Being involved in a wreck caused by a distracted driver can be especially frustrating because the crash did not have to happen.

Car crashes in Kentucky occur for all kinds of reasons such as snowy weather, poor visibility and an animal darting in front of the car. However, it is the crashes that occur due to human behaviors such as distracted, drowsy or drunk driving that tend to be most frustrating. Here is a look at distracted driving in particular.

The crash did not have to happen

There is no controlling weather, although drivers can control how they react to weather. For example, the best that snowplows can do is to move as quickly and safely as possible. Similarly, all drivers can do is follow safety rules. In the spring and summer, they may make extra efforts to follow the speed limit in case deer dart in front of their cars.

But distracted driving crashes? Drivers can be doing everything right and still be hit when someone who is texting veers into their lane or rear-ends them. Many times, there is no way to see a distracted driver coming.

The drivers seem to value convenience over safety

There is also the fact that the drivers who cause distracted driving crashes did so because they apparently valued convenience over safety. This is not to say they do not care about safety or about hurting others. Many feel extremely guilty after crashes-as they should, since they may have caused serious injuries or even death. It just means that in the moment, they did not take the risk of hurting someone else seriously enough to put down their phone or wait until a red light to rummage through their glove compartment.

Many drivers learn young

Also, distracted driving can be a hard pattern to break. For some, it is because they learned young. Their parents and other people in their lives modeled the behavior of chatting on the phone while driving, for example, or brushing hair while driving.

Thus, some people grow up thinking this kind of driving is normal. They simply do not realize or understand how unsafe it really is. Even after causing a car crash, they may still not get it if the damage and/or injuries were relatively minor. They may be back to distracted driving before long. It can be extremely frustrating after someone is injured to find out that the driver who caused the crash already has a history.

Being hit or having a loved one injured or killed by a distracted driver in Kentucky is one of the most senseless tragedies out there. Many factors go into assessing a crash and recovering compensation for it. An attorney can help navigate the process.

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