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Two injured in Kentucky motorcycle crash

Two Kentucky resdients were injured recently when they lost control of their motorcycles on a roadway near Danville. The two were riding down a hill when their bikes spun out of control, scraping the ground on one side and then flipping over. Both riders were injured but neither suffered from fatal wounds. One was transported to a nearby hospital in an ambulence and the other was able to get their under his own power.

Police have said that the liquid that created the dangerous slick spot on the road was flowing from a McDonalds located just up the hill.

When an accident like this happens, it is crucial to look at all of the factors involved in causing the crash and resulting injuries. In the case of a motorcycle accident, readers can be quick to judge, assuming that the person riding the motorcycle was at fault for driving recklessly or not wearing a helmet. However, as this situation shows, other conditions are often at play.

Here, some liquid from a nearby business was apparently creating a dangerous condition on the road. If the business was acting negligently in allowing that liquid to flow into the street, then the owner could be liable for the injuries of the motorcyclists. When assessing damages in a personal injury case, one may look to the medical bills arising out of the crash itself, as well as other consequential damages like lost wages or property damage. Each case is different, so seeking qualified advice on these issues can help determine the appropriate damages in a given situation.

Source: Central Kentucky News, “Motorcycle crash injures 2,” Sept. 7, 2013.


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