Teens Injured In Kenton Crash

Teens Injured In Kenton Crash

Five young people were injured recently in a car accident in Kenton, Kentucky, near the high school. The accident happened before 6:00 a.m. Authorities are not sure what caused the crash but said that all five people were taken to a hospital, three of whom were flown there because of the seriousness of their injuries. Several of those injured in the crash were teenagers and others were in their early 20s.

It is not clear who was driving when the crash occurred or what the causes of the accident may have been. However, any time a serious accident happens that involves teenage or other inexperienced drivers, we are reminded that teens are among the most at risk of being involved in a car accident of any age group.

Teens and other drivers without a lot of experience are at a higher risk than other age groups because the multi-tasking required to safely operate a car can be difficult to master at a young age when the brain is still developing. As a result, teens are encouraged not to drive with a car full of their friends and to stay away from in-dash technology and cellphones while behind the wheel, since all of these factors can contribute to an increased risk of injury.

Drivers who are responsible for causing a car accident that results in injuries to others may be liable for the damages that result which can include medical bills, property damage, and other types of associated costs that result from the accident.

Source: WKYT, “Five injured in car crash in front of Kenton Co. high school,” Oct. 9, 2013.

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