Hit-and-run victim killed in Kentucky motorcycle accident

Hit-and-run victim killed in Kentucky motorcycle accident

A motorcyclist was killed in a hit-and-run collision with an SUV on a Lexington, Kentucky, street. It appears that the lack of streetlights on the road may have been a factor in this collision. However, no road condition would excuse abandoning an injured person in an attempt to evade responsibility.

The motorcycle accident happened just after midnight on May 31. Someone who lived nearby heard a loud bang, which sounded to him just like a head-on crash he had witnessed several months earlier. He rushed to the scene, where he found a motorcycle on the ground. The rider, a 39-year-old Lexington woman, was lying about 10 feet away. She later died of her injuries.

According to WKYT-TV, the rider collided with a car before being struck by an SUV. It is not clear how police came to this conclusion. Often, evidence at the scene suggests the make and model of vehicles involved in a collision, even when the driver commits hit and run. A bumper that fell off in the crash is a good example.

The WKYT story says that the SUV fled the scene, but did not say whether the driver of the car stayed and waited for first responders. If the SUV driver is found, he or she could face criminal charges of hit and run. He or she could also be at least partially liable for the woman’s death.

The part of the road where the accident occurred was very dark. Road construction had recently begun, which apparently involved turning off all nearby streetlights. Driving in the dark can be risky, and requires motorists to use extra caution compared to when they are driving in daylight, or on well-lit streets.

Source: WKYT-TV, “Police search for driver involved in fatal hit-and-run accident,” Jordan Vilines, May 31, 2014

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