Surviving Life After Your Kentucky Truck Injury

Surviving Life After Your Kentucky Truck Injury

The ramifications of being injured in a truck accident may last long after you are released from the hospital. For many victims, it becomes impossible to work for some time, and the wages they lose are only made more of a serious issue by the fact that their medical bills continue to rise all the while. No matter what the circumstances of your truck accident injury were, legal action may be necessary to recoup its costs, and it is important to take the right approach when pursuing recompense.

After an accident with a commercial truck, we will carefully scrutinize all evidence to build a strong case on your behalf. Our advanced litigious strategies reflect the fact that different kinds of accidents require unique legal approaches. Moreover, depending on the factors in your case, it may also be possible to hold more than one party liable for the damages you have incurred.

Professional drivers operating large, commercial trucks and semis have an added responsibility to maintain safe control of their vehicles. By investigating whether your accident was caused by faulty brakes or improper commercial driver training, we may be able to discover which legal grounds are best for pursuing formal action. In some instances, we could also review a trucker’s schedule to ensure that he or she was driving within the state’s guidelines for operating a tractor-trailer.

Our lawyers work hard to negotiate on your behalf and mediate settlements so that you can keep your mind on the actual recovery process. Our page about truck accidents might help you learn more about the nuances of these potentially complex cases.

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