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Helpful tips for motorcyclists

Many Kentucky residents enjoy the open road experience that comes with riding a motorcycle. When riders follow important safety tips, they reduce their risk of an accident with catastrophic injuries.

One way that motorcyclists can help keep themselves safe is by riding proper-sized motorcycles that they can handle easily. Basic classes on motorcycle safety can also help new riders avoid potentially costly or deadly mistakes. Additionally, making sure everything on the motorcycle is working properly before leaving prevents many problems. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, motorcycle riders whose bikes have antilock braves are 37 percent less likely to get into a fatal crash.

In addition to a good braking system, riders benefit from using defensive driving techniques and being aware of inattentive driving on the part of car drivers. Full-face helmets also drastically reduce the risk of a fatality, and safety experts recommend wearing these over other types of helmets, even at lower speeds. Furthermore, proper clothing is essential for protection from both the weather and falls.

Motorcyclists can also avoid accidents by being prepared for any situation they may encounter on the road. Rain and snow drastically impact a rider’s visibility and increase the risk of a motorcycle collision with another vehicle due to slippery roads. Small traffic hazards that would not cause an impact with a car or truck could make a motorcycle lose control.

Many serious accidents involving motorcycles are due to a driver’s careless actions. For example, a driver’s failure to yield may result in catastrophic injuries to a motorcyclist. Anyone who has suffered an injury in an accident involving another vehicle while on a motorcycle may benefit from contacting a lawyer to learn about compensation options.

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