Whiplash injuries

Whiplash injuries

Many people who are involved in a motor vehicle accident in Kentucky suffer from a whiplash injury as a result. Whiplash injuries are not visible externally so others may minimize them. To someone who suffers from whiplash, however, the injury and associated pain is very real. Whiplash results from a sudden movement of the head and neck from side-to-side or from front-to-back.

The rapid acceleration and deceleration of the movement can cause tears to ligaments and damage muscles, tendons and bones in the injured area. Whiplash can range in severity from mild injuries to severe ones. People who experience mild whiplash injuries may recover in days or a few weeks, while those who sustain more serious whiplash injuries may experience related symptoms for months or years.

Whiplash can result in stiffness, loss of the range of movement of the head and neck, chronic headaches, and pain that can radiate down the shoulders, arms and chest. Interestingly, the symptoms often do not appear for anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days following an injury-causing accident, underscoring the importance for people who are involved in an accident to see their doctors as soon as possible.

In many cases, whiplash results from a rear-end collision. The violence of the forward and backward jerking motion can cause the damage. People who are injured in a car accident may want to consider filing a personal injury civil lawsuit against the negligent motorist. Through a lawsuit, those who are injured may be able to recover damages to pay for their losses, such as any lost income from missing work, medical expenses, chiropractic care and other assorted expenses and losses they incurred.

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