Kentucky Teenagers And Distracted Driving

Kentucky Teenagers And Distracted Driving

A recent study indicates that teens are engaging in a variety of distracted driving behaviors beyond texting while driving. The study was led by Oregon State University, and it found that 27 percent of teens admit to changing clothes and shoes while driving, and teens also reported engaging in activities like changing contacts or doing homework while behind the wheel.

All activities that take someone’s mind off the task of driving can be considered distracted driving, and it is the leading cause of car accidents. Although teenagers are apparently doing a wide range of non-driving related tasks behind the wheel, it appears that researchers have been able to get them to understand the risks involved. Additionally, although the study showed that 40 percent of teenagers said they texted and drive, the number is actually lower than earlier studies on the subject.

After teens attended a class to demonstrate the dangers of not paying attention to the road, they were better at recognizing behaviors that were dangerous. To help class participants understand the issue, they were asked to do things like copy a series of numbers down while having a phone conversation.

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