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Common causes of truck accidents

Truck accidents are a severe hazard on the roads of Kentucky. Although there are many truck accidents in a given year, the vast majority of them spring from the same general causes.

The largest single reason that most trucks crash is their interaction with passenger cars. These vehicles are of widely disparate scales, and the drivers that operate them tend to have completely different road training. Drivers of passenger cars have unfortunate tendencies to drive in areas where the trucker cannot see them in their mirrors, take turns directly in front of moving trucks that do not give them time to stop or navigate, merging too closely to a truck in traffic or even being so buffeted by the winds in the truck’s wake that they lose control and crash.

There are naturally other causes behind truck accidents. Operator fatigue is one source of many fatal or injury accidents. There are unethical trucking companies that may push their drivers to work on a schedule that does not allow them enough rest, and a statistically significant increase in the accident rate is the result. Problems with road conditions or road construction are also the root of many incidents.

Truck accidents have the potential to cause catastrophic injuries to anyone involved in them. The tremendous inertia of a fully loaded truck traveling at highway speeds can utterly obliterate a smaller vehicle, and death or serious harm can result to anyone who is hit. An attorney may be able to assist any survivors as they attempt to gain compensation from a driver who did them harm, and it is not uncommon to expand the lawsuit to include the employer of the operator in a commercial rig.

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