Some days of the year are very dangerous for driving

Some days of the year are very dangerous for driving

In Kentucky and around the nation, driving on some days of the year is more dangerous than others. Holidays are some of the worst days because of increased traffic and alcohol consumption. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, insurance companies and other organizations have compiled statistics showing which periods are more risky than others.

July 4th is one of the worst days for driving fatalities, during which more than 40 percent of car crashes historically involve at least one drunk driver. Memorial Day weekend results in approximately 400 deaths per year around the nation. New Year’s Day is when more alcohol-related traffic fatalities occur than on any other day of the year. St. Patrick’s Day is also notorious for drinking, and 20 percent of fatal car accidents on that day involve drunk drivers. The Christmas and Thanksgiving holidays have more than their share of accidents as well, in large part due to the increased amount of family travel.

Black Friday, when shoppers are searching for bargains, sees an increase in crash claims, with many caused by rear end collisions in crowded parking lots. It has also been found that there is an increase in accidents in the vicinity of football stadiums on days where they are hosting an NFL game. Friday the 13th, no matter what season, has 13 percent more claims than other days in the same month. The Monday following the switch to daylight saving time results in a higher incidence of auto accidents, perhaps because many drivers are somewhat sleep-deprived.

Those who have been injured in a car accident often incur high medical expenses and suffer a loss of income because of an inability to return to work. In cases where the accident has been caused by the negligence of another driver, a personal injury attorney may explain the remedies available for pursuing compensation for those losses.

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