New safety system designed for trucks

New safety system designed for trucks

Drivers in Kentucky sometimes become extremely nervous when they pull into the path of oncoming cars to pass a large commercial vehicle. The distance that a passenger vehicle must cover to safely pass a semi-tractor trailer is significant, and the size and shape of these vehicles makes seeing the road ahead difficult. The South Korean electronics firm Samsung felt that technology could provide a solution to this problem, and it has developed a system that makes it possible for drivers to, in a sense, see through a truck ahead of them.

Samsung engineers achieved this effect by mounting a wireless camera to the front of a semi that sends images of the road ahead to four screens mounted on the back of the trailer. While many observers feel that the the company faces an uphill battle if it hopes to obtain regulatory approval for the system, Samsung says that the technology has been effective during tests conducted in Argentina. The company chose Argentina for testing because the country has many two-lane roads and truck accidents are common.

The innovative safety system is not without critics. Some say that banks of large video screens would be a major distraction for motorists, and others dismiss the technology as a marketing gimmick. However, other developing automotive technologies such as accident avoidance systems and self-driving cars have been lauded as major safety breakthroughs, and Samsung does not yet seem ready to give up on the safety truck.

While some truck accidents may be the fault of car drivers making unsafe passing maneuvers, others are caused by reckless, distracted or fatigued truck drivers. When this kind of negligent behavior cause injury, loss or damage, a personal injury attorney may want to pursue litigation on behalf of an injured victim against the truck driver involved. Companies that operate trucks may also be held responsible when accidents are caused by poorly trained drivers, lax supervision or inadequate maintenance.

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