3 high-risk situations for motorcyclists

3 high-risk situations for motorcyclists

Curvy Kentucky roads and an unexpected rain shower produce accident hazards for motorcyclists. Experts recommend that people master the skills of operating their motorcycles and stay vigilant of dangers on the road in order to reduce the chance of a bad crash.

A car turning left in front of an oncoming motorcycle presents the most common scenario for a motorcycle accident. An inattentive car driver may not see the motorcycle because drivers are looking for cars, and smaller objects often escape their notice. A motorcyclists might avoid such an accident by always watching for turning cars. Signs that a car might turn are it is slowing down or a gap in traffic opens.

Entering a blind curve that is littered with gravel, mud or other debris could also wipe out a motorcyclist. All corners and curves should be approached with caution, especially when a motorcyclist cannot see the condition of the road. This common hazard might be avoided by applying the rule of “slow in and fast out.” This allows motorcyclists to maintain control and not hit debris at a high rate of speed. Every motorcyclist can avoid the leading cause of crashes, which is intoxication. It has been widely found that alcohol played a role in a high percentage of motorcycle accidents. Driving sober gives every rider a better chance of a safe ride.

Despite a motorcyclist’s focus on safety, a negligent driver could still cause an accident and inflict injury. A person injured by a driver’s unsafe action might suffer financial hardship from medical bills and lost income. An attorney for an injured victim might review the police investigation report and other evidence to determine whether a presonal injury lawsuit should be filed against the responsible party.

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