Fewer trucks have violations in Roadcheck 2015

Fewer trucks have violations in Roadcheck 2015

As many Kentucky drivers know, keeping the roadways safe is a concern for truckers and non-truckers alike. This year’s annual Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance inspection showed that trucking violation rates were down from previous years.

According to the CVSA, nearly 70,000 vehicles, including buses and trucks, were inspected in June of this year. The total number of trucks that were inspected was 44,989, and approximately 22 percent were given violations that removed the vehicles from service. More than 1,600 drivers were cited for out-of-service violations.

Looking at truck violations, over 27 percent were due to braking systems. Of those, 15.5 percent had brake adjustment violations. Driver violations were due most commonly to exceeding the number of hours in service.

The previous year had higher numbers of violations. Driver violations were at 4 percent in 2014 compared to 3.6 percent this year. Additionally, 23 percent of trucks were removed from service compared to 21.6 percent in 2015. This was the lowest of any year since 1991, according to the CVSA. Since sleep-deprived truck drivers are often linked to traffic accidents, the number of drivers with out-of-hours violations was a concern. Drivers might fall asleep at the wheel, causing serious accidents. Being aware of dangers associated with trucks that are out of compliance with standards of operation is a step toward greater safety for all truck drivers as well as those who share the road with them.

If a truck accident is caused due to the truck’s failure to comply with safety standards, an injured victim may want to meet with a personal injury attorney to see if there is any legal recourse available to seek compensation. The attorney might be able to demonstrate, through a review of the trucking company’s maintenance logs, that the company should be held financially responsible.

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