The Self-Driving Car’s Secret Problem

The Self-Driving Car’s Secret Problem

The self-driving car is an invention that its creators believe will lead to safer roads. However, a secret problem of these vehicles has been identified as more are tested on actual roads. Self-driving cars follow traffic rules at all times and this is not always compatible with the way humans actually drive. Kentucky drivers, however, might prepare to eventually share the road with these cars and will need to understand the potential risks.

While self-driving cars were supposed to lead to less crashes, the opposite currently seems to be true. According to a study released by the University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the auto accident rate for self-driving cars is actually twice that of human-driven vehicles. Interestingly, however, the study points out that self-driving cars have never been found at fault, since accidents involving them usually tend to be slow-speed, rear-end crashes, caused by human drivers who are either inattentive or too aggressive and do not expect self-driving cars to follow the rules so explicitly.

Researchers and inventors are now struggling with the question of how to fix the problem. The debate centers around whether self-driving cars should be taught to go around the rules in certain situations, such as when merging into speeding traffic or when making life-or-death decisions. Currently, inventors are choosing to keep the vehicles following all rules, and hoping that as humans get more used to the cautious way self-driving cars behave, the number of accidents and victims will decrease.

In an accident involving a self-driving vehicle, an injured victim might wonder what, if any, compensation could be sought for the damages that have been sustained. A personal injury lawyer can review the evidence to determine the party or parties that should be held responsible.

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