Car Maker Believes Road Fatalities Can Be Eliminated

Car Maker Believes Road Fatalities Can Be Eliminated

Kentucky residents may already be aware of data showing that most fatal traffic accidents involve some form of human error. This is why Swedish car manufacturer Volvo wants to continue developing automotive safety technology that could make highway travel exponentially safer in the coming years.

Volvo and safety have been inextricably linked for decades, and innovations made by the company such as the three-point seat belt and side impact protection systems have saved countless lives over the years. Autonomous technology and self-driving cars are seen by companies including Volvo, Tesla and Google as the harbingers of a crash-free future, but even optimists concede that it will be several decades before their potential can be fully realized.

However, there are accident avoidance systems presently available that use many of the features found in self-driving cars, and Volvo believes that such systems could help to completely eliminate fatalities in their passenger vehicles by 2020. The technology uses sensors and radar to monitor road and traffic conditions and activates electronic traction control, stability control and anti-lock braking systems to escape hazardous situations. These systems have been found to be especially effective at preventing accidents caused by driver fatigue and distraction, and many road safety advocates have called for them to be made mandatory.

Thousands of Kentucky road users are killed or catastrophically injured each year in accidents caused by negligent motorists. Intoxicated, distracted drivers who cause a serious crash may face both criminal and civil penalties, and personal injury attorneys may be able to initiate litigation against their insurance companies or estates in situations where they lose their lives or are incarcerated as a result of their reckless behavior.

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