Google and several other companies are working on creating self-driving cars, but according to some of them, laws are limiting their abilities to keep making improvements. Some states like California are considering legislation that would require a licensed driver in the vehicle. However, these autonomous cars may be appearing on Kentucky roads in the relatively near future as a result of a decision by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

On Feb. 4, the agency posted a letter on its website stating that it would consider Google’s self-driving system the driver based on a design put forth by the tech giant. The NHTSA has also stated that it is willing to suspend some safety requirements for the purpose of allowing manufacturers of self-driving cars to do further testing.

The only way to make these changes permanent is for federal law to be changed. However, the NHTSA also indicated that Google may be able to obtain an exemption from these laws, which may take a year or longer to alter.

Until self-driving cars become the standard, crashes caused by a distracted, sleep-deprived, intoxicated or otherwise negligent driver will still be quite common. People who are injured in these types of accidents often face lengthy and expensive periods of hospitalization and subsequent rehabilitation. In many of such cases, the financial situation of these injured victims is further worsened by an inability to return to work. A personal injury attorney might be of assistance in this regard by seeking compensation for these and other damages through the filing of a civil lawsuit against the at-fault motorist.