Man indicted for Kentucky fatal hit-and-run

Man indicted for Kentucky fatal hit-and-run

A man was indicted by a Kentucky grand jury on Feb. 24 for a fatal hit-and-run accident that happened on Christmas Eve in 2015. The accident happened in Wolfe County along KY 191.

According to law enforcement authorities, a 32-year-old man was walking along the road. Another man who was driving on the highway struck the 32-year-old, killing him. That man continued driving. When police later found him, he told investigators that he didn’t stop because he believed he had hit a deer.

The man and his mother also reportedly said that it was dark when the accident happened. His mother also said it was foggy and told reporters that the man was friends with the 32-year-old victim. The man was indicted for reckless homicide, driving without a driver’s license and leaving the scene of the accident. He was taken into custody by deputies immediately following the grand jury indictment.

When a negligent driver causes a fatal accident, the victim’s family may file a wrongful death lawsuit to hold the driver liable for their suffered losses. if the driver flees the scene of the accident, the family may still file a lawsuit against them when they are located. Even if no criminal charges are filed against the driver or if a not guilty verdict is reached in a subsequent criminal proceeding, the family members may still be able to prevail in their wrongful death lawsuit. This is because the burden of proof for the prosecutor in a criminal case is stricter than that borne by the plaintiff in a civil proceeding. An attorney can outline the types and amounts of damages that can be sought.

Source: Lex 18, “Man indicted, arrested In Wolfe Co. hit-and-run death,” Feb. 25, 2016

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