1 dead in Kentucky truck accident

1 dead in Kentucky truck accident

A 90-year-old Kentucky man driving a white Honda was killed in a collision with a tractor-trailer on June 21, 2016. His female passenger was taken to an area medical center after the incident that occurred as the couple was leaving the Eastwood Shopping Center in Frankfort. As they exited on Versailles Road, the vehicle pulled under the rear tires of an oncoming semi.

The incident remains under investigation as authorities determine whether running a red light or other issues may have been issues contributing to the accident. The coroner’s office for the county was assisting in the investigation, conducting a postmortem evaluation at the accident scene. An autopsy was planned for the following day, which was expected to include toxicology testing. The male driver of the semi remained at the scene, communicating with authorities about the incident.

A deadly accident can result in a complicated investigation as serious injuries are treated and as deceased parties are transported for further appropriate postmortem evaluation. In cases involving elderly drivers, there could be many possible issues contributing to a driving error, including medical episodes or conditions. Authorities may evaluate the testimony of witnesses while also measuring distances, skid marks, and other evidence that could indicate whether a potentially negligent motorist drove at an excessive speed or ignored road signs or traffic lights. The determinations of authorities typically ascribe responsibility and result in decisions about filing charges.

An individual suffering serious injuries in a car wreck might not immediately want to initiate litigation against a responsible party, but working with a lawyer early in the process could help in obtaining assistance with negotiations involving insurance companies. Additionally, a lawyer could help in communicating with medical providers about potential litigation to facilitate treatment for serious injuries.

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