America Has Unusually High Number Of Automobile Fatalities

America Has Unusually High Number Of Automobile Fatalities

Researchers and scientists who have been studying car crashes in Kentucky and the rest of the United States have made some significant discoveries about the nation’s automobile fatality rate. When compared with nineteen other wealthy industrialized nations, the USA has the highest rate of automobile accident deaths. Even though that rate was showing a marked decline over recent years, the other nations included in the survey were decreasing much more quickly than America. The precise reason for these statistical trends are not yet known, and more research into the precise mechanism may be needed.

The World Health Organization assembled data on road deaths for twenty nations from the years 2000 to 2013. A variety of industrialized countries around the world, from Japan to the United Kingdom, were studied. Of these twenty countries, America topped the list for the most car accidents both per 100,000 people and by percentage. For example, 32,000 people lost their lives to American car accidents in 2013 alone.

The average number of people killed on the roads in America has decreased by about 31 percent over the 13-year period. That rate of decrease was markedly lower than the other countries surveyed. Over the same amount of time the average decline in the fatality rate among the countries measured was 56 percent.

Injuries caused by irresponsible or negligent motorists should be recompensed by those whose inappropriate action caused the wreck. An attorney may be able to help anyone who is having trouble obtaining fair compensation and wishes to file a civil suit against the liable party or parties.

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