Older Drivers May Benefit From Safety Technology

Older Drivers May Benefit From Safety Technology

Motorists in Kentucky and throughout the country will be able to buy cars in the next few years that have more safety and automated features, and it is expected that these so-called “smarter cars” will be a particular boon for older drivers. Those who are older may be less agile in their movements or might be more prone to confusion at busy intersections. They might also be more likely to be injured in accidents. With these features becoming more common in vehicles, older adults might be able to stay mobile for longer.

The population of older adults is growing rapidly as baby boomers age. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2030, the number of adults in the country who are 70 or older will have increased to 54 million from 31 million in 2014. Most of that group will continue to drive.

Innovations that are expected in the years ahead include automated emergency brakes, adaptive headlights and automated parking. Other safety technology, such as dashboard cameras that show what is behind the car, has already been in place for several years and will be available in all new cars starting in May 2018. While some experts think Google’s plan to have self-driving vehicles on the road by 2020 to be overly optimistic, it is believed that within a decade or more they might be available.

Despite this safety technology, drivers of any age might find themselves in a motor vehicle accident due to the actions of a reckless motorist. This can result in serious injuries as well as financial problems since a person might be unable to work and may have medical expenses and repair expenses for their vehicle. If the other driver’s insurance company offers too little in compensation, the injured driver might want to consult an attorney about filing a lawsuit.

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