Kentucky ,motorists are likely aware of the dangers of distracted driving. One such behavior that is known to be particularly dangerous is using social media behind the wheel. Now, one filter on Snapchat is being blamed for both distracting people while they drive and encouraging people to drive recklessly.

Snapchat’s speed filter allows drivers to live stream their drive while a real-time speed is displayed on the live stream. Some Snapchat users have caused serious car accidents while they were using the speed filter to record their drives. A 22-year-old man in Florida who clocked his speed at 115.6 mph on Snapchat’s speed filter was killed along with four other people shortly after he posted a clip of his drive to Snapchat. Besides the driver and his passenger, the other three victims were a mother and her two children in a minivan that the driver collided with.

An 18-year-old woman in Georgia lost control of her Mercedes after the Snapchat speed filter showed that she had reached 113 mph. The woman struck a Mitsubishi, and the other driver was left with traumatic brain injuries. Following the accident, the 18-year-old driver continued to use Snapchat from a stretcher where she told her followers that she was ‘lucky to be alive.”

People who have been involved in car collisions caused by a speeding or otherwise reckless driver often face lengthy recovery periods during which they incur sizable medical bills and are unable to work. They may want to seek the assistance of an attorney in order to attempt to recover compensation from the at-fault motorist for these and other losses.