Automated trucking technology may complicate claims

Automated trucking technology may complicate claims

Kentucky truckers may be interested in learning about a new technology company that is pioneering revolutionary changes in the industry. By placing remote controls in trucks, the firm hopes to make a semi-autonomous fleet that drivers can control remotely from offices.

The push toward semi-autonomous trucks is likely to have a major impact on laws and accident claims related to the trucking industry. The software uses sensors and radar to direct the vehicles and enables truckers to remotely control their rigs from offices. During the initial phases, these trucks still have drivers inside the vehicle ready to take control in case of a failure or problem. The ultimate goal of this company and the industry in general is to remove the need for an operator in the truck entirely.

The company’s co-founder says that he’s not anti-trucker, stating that his technology offers several benefits. Allowing trucks to be operated remotely is safer for drivers. according to an online article. Drivers could remain in a more comfortable environment and be able to work more regular hours since the remote-control trucks could easily be operated in shifts. This would reduce trucker fatigue and stress, which is a leading cause of truck accidents.

There is still a legal gray area surrounding automated vehicles including trucks. Liability becomes more complicated because a crash could be due to operator error, failure in the vehicle sensors or a combination of factors. Negligence and liability are important issues in a personal injury lawsuit, and there could be multiple defendants in a commercial truck accident. For example, the driver, the trucking company and even the manufacturers of the sensors and equipment could be partially at fault. If a driver is injured in a truck accident, a personal injury attorney may be able to help him or her determine liability and negligence in order to file a lawsuit.

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