Cargo securement emphasized in 2017 Roadcheck campaign

Cargo securement emphasized in 2017 Roadcheck campaign

When the 2017 International Roadcheck inspection event begins on June 6, safety inspectors in Kentucky and around the country will be placing special emphasis on cargo securement. Although all violation categories are checked for compliance during each annual inspection blitz, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance chooses a different area of focus every year as a reminder to those who are involved in the industry of that category’s importance in commercial trucking safety.

Both trucks and their drivers are examined for violations during a North American Standard Level I inspection, which is the type of inspection that will most often be conducted during the 72-hour Roadcheck campaign. Truckers who want to prepare for the event in advance can review recommended tips online in a flyer that has been made available to the public by CVSA officials.

The CVSA suggests that tie-downs should be checked for damage and wear and that truckers should take the necessary steps to ensure that both equipment and cargo are properly loaded and secured. In relation to load securement, violations that could result in a truck or its driver being placed out-of-service include loose tie-downs, damaged tie-downs, insufficient tie-downs, failure to secure truck equipment and failure to prevent shifting or loss of cargo.

In spite of the efforts of CVSA safety enforcers during the inspection spree, some Kentucky motorists may find themselves injured in a serious accident due to improper truck loading. In such cases, a personal injury attorney may be able to obtain compensation for the losses that the injured victim has sustained through a lawsuit filed against the trucking company.

Source: Overdrive Online, “Load securement to be focus of annual Roadcheck inspection blitz,” Matt Cole, March 13, 2017

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