Collision Avoidance Systems Save Lives In Kentucky

Collision Avoidance Systems Save Lives In Kentucky

Many car manufacturers boast about various technological safety features that their vehicles offer, including different types of collision avoidance systems. In order to determine how effective these systems are in saving lives, researchers completed a study in which they compared vehicles with these safety features with vehicles that did not have them.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reviewed data from 5,000 accidents that happened in 2015. The accidents that were reviewed were the kinds that collision avoidance systems are meant to prevent, including sideswipes and head-on crashes. Technology features such as blind-spot warning and lane-departure warning systems are meant to reduce the numbers of these types of accidents.

The researcher compared the rates of collisions between cars with the technology and without. She also looked at what happened to car occupants in vehicles that had the safety systems but who were still involved in accidents. She found that vehicles that had the systems had a collision rate of 11 percent lower than cars that did not in head-on crashes, side-swipes and single-vehicle accidents. She also found that having a collision avoidance system in a vehicle reduced the injury rate by 21 percent.

Purchasing vehicles with collision avoidance systems is a smart way to gain better protection in the event of an accident while also helping to prevent collisions from happening. Unfortunately, some accidents will still occur. When people are injured in an accident because of a driver’s careless actions, they may recover damages by holding the driver liable in personal injury lawsuits. Experienced personal injury attorneys may assist their clients with negotiating with the insurance companies in order to try to secure the maximum settlements possible.

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