Staying safe in the vicinity of large trucks

Staying safe in the vicinity of large trucks

Drivers may not like the thought of sharing Kentucky highways or other roads with large trucks. However, it is important that drivers of passenger vehicles understand how to stay safe in their presence. For instance, it is never a good idea to speed up as a truck begins to change into a smaller vehicle’s lane. This is because the truck may not be able to stop or move back into the other lane fast enough to avoid a collision.

It is also a good idea to provide more space alongside and behind a larger truck. Doing so may make it easier for trucks to make wide turns without putting others in danger. If a truck and passenger vehicle do collide, it could result in the car sliding underneath the truck. It is also possible for a truck that has rear-ended a passenger vehicle to ride on top of the vehicle.

Trucks generally take longer to stop because they are so heavy. Their size may also be the reason why they don’t handle as well as passenger vehicles. People should avoid driving in a truck’s blind spots or otherwise taking action that could result in a truck driver having to suddenly hit the brakes. Smaller vehicles may benefit from increasing their following distance to avoid being hit with snow, mud or water kicked up by large trucks.

Victims of a truck accident may experience a permanent disability that keeps them out of work permanently. It is also possible for victims to experience injuries that take weeks or months to recover from. Those who were hurt by a negligent driver may be entitled to compensation to pay medical bills, replace lost wages and make up for lost future earnings because of the accident.

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