Surgical errors can lead to devastating consequences

Surgical errors can lead to devastating consequences

When Kentucky patients go to a hospital for surgical treatment, they generally trust that they will emerge positively from the experience with improved health and a solution to an ongoing condition. However, when surgical errors or other medical mistakes take place, this may not be the case. Mistakes during surgery can lead to even greater medical problems for the patient and require long-term care, and it can be important for injured patients to seek compensation and accountability for the harm done to them.

While medical malpractice is a common term in television and billboard ads, it can be confusing about what kinds of actions actually constitute malpractice. Malpractice is more than just a mistake made by a doctor; people in all professions can be expected to make errors on the job. However, each case can be examined to determine whether the error constitutes a failure to provide the requisite standard of care.

Behavior after the error can also point to malpractice; for example, a cover-up of a surgical mistake both indicates knowledge of wrongful behavior and has practical, dangerous consequences for a patient who is unaware of the damage. While some doctors may want to avoid admitting to a mistake in order to protect them from liability, it can actually increase a physician’s liability to hide an error, causing further damages to a patient’s physical and psychological health.

For people who have been injured due to a surgical error or other medical mistake, it may be possible to obtain compensation for medical bills and other expenses incurred as a result. A lawyer can provide a consultation and assess the case to determine a malpractice claim as well as providing representation to seek a settlement or verdict that can allay the costs of the harm done to the injured patient.

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