Brain trauma a serious threat to newborns

Brain trauma a serious threat to newborns

Kentucky parents should be aware of the dangers of brain trauma in babies. It is, unfortunately, one of the most common forms of birth injury as well as one of the most serious, with long-term cognitive and physical effects.

Babies can incur brain trauma before, during, or after delivery. Decreased oxygen intake and decreased blood flow can lead to trauma during delivery, though this is technically rare. It is more often than not the cause of medical negligence. Other times, complications like placental disorders can be the cause. Premature births are often complicated by oxygen deprivation, called hypoxia.

Head trauma can lead to a swelling of the head, head deformities, hematoma in the connective tissues of the skull, and subarachnoid hemorrhaging. Cerebral palsy is frequently the result of trauma. It is a disability of the central nervous system and is characterized by mental retardation, lack of fine motor skills, seizures, and hearing and vision impairment. It is chronic and has no cure.

Such children will need special education, medical care, and social services as they grow up. If their brain injury was the result of medical malpractice, the families should consider filing a lawsuit against the medical facility and health care practitioner. If successful, they could receive a settlement or a jury award that will cover all, or most of, those expenses. However, there are some hurdles that will have to be overcome by the plaintiff in order to prevail. It must be demonstrated that the hospital or practitioner failed to exercise the requisite standard of care, and an attorney will endeavor to do this through the opinion testimony of one or more medical experts.

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