Open Fracture May Leave You Closed Off From Your Normal Life

Open Fracture May Leave You Closed Off From Your Normal Life

Though you may have always considered yourself a safe driver and believed that your cautious actions had helped prevent you from suffering harm, you may have recently found yourself involved in a serious accident. The accident was no fault of your own, but you still ended up with injuries that could have a considerable impact on your life. Now you may wonder how to seek compensation and justice for the injuries and other damages suffered.

Fortunately, legal options do exist for such scenarios. In particular, filing a personal injury claim against the driver or other parties considered responsible for the injury-causing accident could allow you to pursue financial restitution. Of course, you may also worry about the injuries you suffered and how they will be addressed, especially if you experienced a compound fracture.

What is a compound fracture?

A compound fracture also goes by the name open fracture. This type of injury occurs when a bone breaks and punctures the skin. These injuries could range in severity from a bone only slightly penetrating the skin to substantial bone visibility and large wounds. Open fractures can have lasting impacts, and for professional athletes or other individuals with hard-on-the-body jobs, such damage could prove career ending.

How do doctors treat such fractures?

In the majority of cases, open fractures need medical attention that involve surgery. Doctors may use surgical procedures to reset the bone in place, and often, medical professionals perform a surgical cleaning procedure in order to help reduce the risk of infection at the wound site and in the bone. Because a substantial amount of bacteria lives on the skin, all open fractures are considered contaminated, which means the possibility of infection is high.

What are the impacts of infection?

If this type of fracture does become infected, you could face a considerable number of problems. First, treating the infection may prove difficult, and you may have to go through other surgeries and medical procedures, take medication for an extended period of time and deal with the complications an infection could pose. Unfortunately, even with the necessary early care and treatment of an open fracture, infection could still occur and cause lasting problems.

How can you seek compensation?

As mentioned, serious injuries caused by a car accident due to another person’s negligence may warrant the filing of a personal injury claim. Open fractures are particularly severe injuries, and even if you do not contract an infection, you could still face substantial medical expenses, time away from work, pain and other damages. Therefore, you may wish to consider taking this legal step if you wish to work toward gaining compensation.

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