International Roadcheck slated for June

International Roadcheck slated for June

Commercial truck drivers in Kentucky probably know about the International Roadcheck, an annual event set up by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance with the purpose of enforcing compliance with truck and bus safety guidelines. Over a 72-hour period, inspectors across the nation conduct an inspection spree on both truck and bus drivers, issuing out-of-service orders for any vehicle- or driver-related violations.

The 2018 International Roadcheck has been scheduled for June 5 through June 7, and its focus this year will be on hours-of-service violations. Part of this is due to the mandate, instituted last December by the U.S. DoT, that all trucks be equipped with electronic logging devices. While the ELD mandate did not change the hours-of-service guidelines, it has brought greater attention to their violations.

Inspectors will be conducting the most thorough level of inspections, which are Level I inspections. This will bring to light any failure to comply with driver and vehicle regulations.

During the event, an average of 15 vehicles are inspected every minute across the U.S. Last year, more than 63,000 trucks and buses were inspected, and 15,000 of them were issued out-of-service orders. 12,000 of those orders were for vehicle-related violations, and the remaining 3,000 were for driver-related violations. Hours-of-service and brake regulations were the most frequently violated.

Truck driver negligence comes in various forms; for example, truckers may exceed the hours-of-service limit and endanger others on the road through drowsy driving. When negligence contributes to a truck accident, victims can see a lawyer about filing a claim. Accident attorneys may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of a victim’s family. Accident firms may network with investigators and other professionals to build up a case, and attorneys may then negotiate for a settlement with the trucking company’s team of lawyers. Litigation may be an option of last resort.

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