What’s behind most highway fatalities

What’s behind most highway fatalities

Not only are highway accidents common in Kentucky, but they also prove to be fatal in many cases. That is why drivers should be aware of the most common factors in highway fatalities. Some factors can be avoided, while others are simply out of one’s control. Nonetheless, accidents almost always arise from some form of human negligence or misjudgment.

In rain or snow, for instance, drivers can become careless and lose control on the wet roads. They could also fail to take into account the reduced visibility they experience in such weather. Many highway designs may include potentially unsafe features like tight corners, narrow shoulders, and blind intersections, but as long as drivers exercise caution, they can maneuver their way through these without danger.

One growing form of negligence is distracted driving. More and more drivers text or surf the web on their smartphones, while others may endanger themselves by eating in the car, putting on makeup, and playing with infotainment systems. Even adjusting the air conditioning or talking with a passenger can become distracting.

Impaired driving is also a concern. When drivers consume an excessive amount of alcohol or take drugs, both legal and illegal, they become impaired in judgment, reflexes, and vision. They could also make unsafe decisions when road rage gets a hold of them.

Whatever the situation, a negligent or reckless driver who causes a motor vehicle accident may be responsible for any losses that the victim incurs. In a wrongful death suit, the family of the decedent might be compensated for pre-death medical bills, funeral and burial expenses, and loss of support or consortium. A successful outcome may depend on retaining a legal firm, as accident lawyers usually have an in-house team of investigators who can build up a case. Lawyers might also handle all negotiations and litigate.

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