Brake violations top problem found during truck inspections

Brake violations top problem found during truck inspections

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance partners with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to organize brake inspection events throughout the country. Truck drivers in Kentucky can expect to encounter two inspection events in 2018. The CVSA has scheduled Brake Safety Week in September and plans to hold a surprise one-day inspection spree at some point this year.

CVSA has managed inspection events for years, and brake problems form the top reason for inspectors to remove trucks and buses from service. The organization focuses strongly on educating truck and bus companies about the importance of brakes because of their essential role in public safety. Although brakes on commercial vehicles can withstand grueling conditions, ongoing maintenance and calibration are essential for proper function. When wear and tear or other mechanical problems go unaddressed, a commercial vehicle could lose its ability to stop properly and cause serious accidents as a result.

Commercial drivers stopped during an inspection can expect their vehicles to undergo a Level IV inspection. Inspectors will look for brakes that have not been adjusted correctly or show visible damage.

The law may view a trucking company’s failure to keep brakes in proper working order as negligence if an accident occurs. A person injured by a commercial vehicle might experience a serious head injury, pain and suffering and high medical bills. An attorney familiar with truck accidents and personal injury may be able to represent a person seeking a settlement for financial damages. Services provided by an attorney might enable a person burdened by injury to complete an insurance claim or confront a negligent party. An attorney’s investigation may reveal issues like inadequate truck maintenance or truck driver fatigue that would support a victim’s claim for compensation. An attorney may manage communications with an insurance company and present a case at trial if necessary.

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