Truck crashes can cause severe injuries

Truck crashes can cause severe injuries

Many Kentucky drivers may be concerned about the potential for serious injury after a collision with an 18-wheeler or commercial truck. These large vehicles are significantly heavier than the passenger vehicles they share the roads with. Therefore, they can be responsible for causing serious damage in case of an accident. When fatal collisions occur between large trucks and passenger vehicles, up to 97 percent of those deaths are passenger vehicle occupants.

Of course, the risks of truck accidents are not limited to fatalities. However, accident victims may also suffer severe injuries that can require a long recovery period or have lifelong effects. Spinal injuries are among the most serious that can result from a truck crash. Vertebrae of the back can be crushed, fractured or dislodged, leading to damage to the spinal cord itself and its nerves. Spinal injuries can lead to temporary or permanent loss of the ability to walk and use one’s limbs. These injuries can require long-term medical care, costly treatments and major lifestyle changes.

Another potentially dangerous result from a trucking accident is a traumatic brain injury. These injuries can have psychological and physical effects that can last for many years. In addition, the full extent of head injuries may not be apparent immediately following a crash, and symptoms may take weeks or longer to emerge.

When people have been hurt in truck crashes, they may face intense stress as they attempt to recover physically while dealing with the enormous financial costs associated with severe injuries. A personal injury lawyer can help a victim pursue compensation for the harms they have suffered due to another’s dangerous or negligent driving.

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