Cars that generate the most injury claims

Cars that generate the most injury claims

As today’s vehicles are being equipped with more and more safety features, drivers can avoid accidents and be protected from serious injuries should a crash occur. However, the risk of accidents taking place will remain until perhaps all vehicles become fully automated. In addition, different vehicles offer different levels of protection. Drivers in Kentucky should know about a recent list that has been compiled of the most dangerous vehicles.

Using data from the Highway Loss Data Institute, the list ranks the 10 vehicles (limited to 2014 to 2016 model years) that generated the most personal injury claims. The HLDI reports that the small four-door Mitsubishi Lancer has a rate of 215 claims per year, which is well above the industry average of 100. This was followed by various models from Nissan, Toyota and Kia. Most vehicles were small four-door cars with exceptions like the Dodge Charger and Toyota Corolla iM, a station wagon. The usual rule is the lighter the car, the less protection it affords.

Large pickup trucks had the lowest frequency, with an average of 45 claims per year, followed by large luxury SUVs (55). Since sports cars are generally driven for fewer miles and usually contain a single passenger, many of them occupy the top 10 for lowest claim frequency. Claim severity, however, tends to increase with vehicle size.

Those who suffer severe injuries in the wake of a motor vehicle accident will want to think about filing a third-party insurance claim. Since it will take plenty of evidence to convince the insurance company to pay out, victims can build their case up with legal assistance. A lawyer will have professionals show how the responsible party was negligent or reckless while medical experts can measure the true extent of the injuries. An attorney can then negotiate for the settlement.

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