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More car crashes in summer means more TBI cases

Summer usually means more people taking long road trips, which in turn means more chances of people getting in a car crash. Kentucky residents who have been in a crash will want to consider the risk for incurring concussions and traumatic brain injuries. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has even reported that car and motorcycle crashes are the leading causes of TBIs that lead to hospitalization.

Crash victims will want to be tested for concussions as soon as possible to avoid a false diagnosis. Concussion symptoms can appear minutes or days after a crash. Slurring speech and bumping into walls are just two symptoms. Exaggerated changes in mood and a loss of, or change in, cognitive function can also be attributed to a concussion.

Specialists can analyze patients’ memory, word recall, sense of balance, coordination and ability to count backward. Patients who fail this test are likely to have a concussion or, worse, a TBI. TBIs often involve internal bleeding, and when left untreated, they can cause permanent and irreversible brain damage. Those diagnosed with a concussion will want to monitor their injuries because if the symptoms persist, it could be a sign of a TBI.

Those who suffer brain and spinal cord injuries after a car accident may benefit from speaking with a lawyer once they have reached “maximum medical improvement,” or the state where victims can no longer benefit from medical treatment. The lawyer may evaluate the case and estimate a fair amount for a settlement; this could cover past medical expenses, vehicle repair costs, lost income and more.

Personal injury lawyers usually have networks of professionals, including accident investigators, who can help gather proof like the police report, phone records and any eyewitness testimony. Victims might have their lawyer negotiate with the auto insurance company and litigate if a settlement cannot be reached.


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