Traffic circles can help to reduce serious injuries

Traffic circles can help to reduce serious injuries

When people drive on rural roads in Kentucky, serious car accidents are always a possibility. Many rural intersections are governed only by stop signs, despite the fact that cars on those roads can travel up to a speed limit of 55 mph. While there may be a relatively small amount of traffic on these roads, the risk of a severe accident can be significant. High-speed crashes in rural areas can lead to serious injuries and even fatalities.

As a result, many authorities install traffic lights at the location of multiple serious car accidents. Traffic lights can help to reduce the number of accidents that occur by providing greater regulation. However, the severity of the crashes that do occur may not be reduced. Therefore, traffic engineers are constructing roundabouts at rural intersections in an attempt to reduce the number of serious injury crashes. While traffic circles may do less than traffic lights to reduce the total number of accidents, they can have a significant impact on reducing the number of severe injuries and fatalities.

Because drivers must slow down as they enter a roundabout, fewer accidents are caused by those who speed up in order to “beat” a changing light or oncoming traffic. There is no incentive for a driver to escalate their speed when entering a circle, which can help to cut the number of high-speed crashes. In fact, roundabouts often cover the cost of their construction within a year due to lessened expenses related to injury crashes.

Motor vehicle accidents can leave people seriously injured with permanent disabilities. When someone is hurt in an accident due to someone else’s negligent or dangerous driving, a legal response may be warranted. An attorney could help an accident victim pursue compensation for the damages done.

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