About ovarian cancer

About ovarian cancer

Women in Kentucky may mistake the early indications of ovarian cancer with less serious issues. According to a cancer expert, such errors can lower the chances that treatment will be successful.

Ovarian cancer is often referred to as a silent killer because diagnoses for many women occur too late for treatment to be effective. Many women die from the disease due to misdiagnoses as well as being unaware the disease is a risk for all women. Each year, over 250,000 women in the world are diagnosed with the disease, and 140,000 will die as a result of it. It is important that all women are able to recognize the early symptoms of ovarian cancer and understand their risks of developing the condition.

The signs of ovarian cancer can be easily confused for other issues. Women who experience conditions such as stomach pain, bloating, more frequent urination, indigestion or nausea, back pain, shortness of breath or being full more quickly for longer than a week should consult with their physician and inquire about the state of their ovaries.

Women should be aware that Pap smears cannot be used to determine if they have ovarian cancer. The examination is an effective diagnostic tool for cervical cancer.

While ovarian cancer will develop in just one in every 75 women, it is a condition that all women carry a risk of developing. However, the risks are higher among women who have developed breast cancer and those who have close family members who developed ovarian cancer.

medical malpractice attorney may pursue financial compensation on behalf of a woman whose ovarian cancer was misdiagnosed. Multiple lawsuits may be filed for the delayed treatment and medical expenses that resulted from a misdiagnosis.

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