All drivers are distracted behind the wheel

All drivers are distracted behind the wheel

Volvo and The Harris Poll did a survey looking at the driving habits of various generations. It found that younger drivers in Kentucky and elsewhere had their share of poor driving habits. However, it also found that older drivers were also susceptible to driving while distracted. For instance, the study revealed that drivers belonging to Generation X used their mobile phones the most while behind the wheel.

Overall, 90 percent of those surveyed said that there were more ways to be distracted compared to five years ago. Approximately 43 percent said that using a phone was the top distraction while children and other passengers were also commonly cited as distractions.

Researchers also discovered that individuals felt they were better drivers compared to those who they shared the road with. Respondents said they thought that over 90 percent of drivers texted while operating a motor vehicle. However, roughly 60 percent of participants said that they did.

Roughly 90 percent of participants also claimed that other drivers read email messages, video chatted or surfed the internet while driving. However, the number of people who admitted to performing these activities while driving was much lower. To help drivers avoid distraction, Volvo is making use of voice command and heads-up display technology. Its goal is to eliminate serious injuries and deaths in Volvo vehicles by 2020.

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