Safety blitz pulls nearly 12,000 commercial vehicles from road

Safety blitz pulls nearly 12,000 commercial vehicles from road

While most truck drivers in Kentucky are safe, some are failing to keep their vehicles in good working condition. Because of this failure, they are risking their lives and the lives of people who share the road with them.

In early June, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance held its annual International Roadcheck. During the three-day event, CVSA inspectors performed 67,502 roadside checks on commercial vehicles across the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Well over 45,000 of those checks were Level I inspections, which are the most thorough inspection that can be performed. Of the trucks that received a Level I inspection, 21.6 percent were taken off the road due to serious safety violations. The most common violations involved brake systems, tires and wheels, brake adjustments, cargo securement and vehicle lighting. In total, 11,897 vehicles were pulled from the road.

Drivers were also subjected to inspections, and 3.9 percent of them were removed from service because of safety violations. The most common driver-related violations were hours-of-service issues, having the wrong class of driver’s license and presenting a false record of duty status. Other driver-related violations included driving on a suspended license, violating a license restriction and drug and/or alcohol impairment. In mid-September, CVSA inspectors will conduct roadside brake checks on commercial vehicles across North America.

Truck accidents often cause catastrophic injuries, such as head concussions, spinal cord ailments and internal issues. Unfortunately, it is sometimes necessary for injured victims to file a personal injury lawsuit against the responsible truck driver and/or trucking company to recover damages. An attorney familiar with truck accident claims could evaluate a victim’s case and help gather evidence supporting the lawsuit. The lawyer could also negotiate with the insurance company to secure a fair settlement.

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