Tips for safe winter driving in Kentucky

Tips for safe winter driving in Kentucky

Kentucky drivers can do a number of things to ensure their own and others’ safety during the winter. First of all, they will want to ensure that their vehicle is winterized. A mechanic could check the condition of the battery, spark plugs, brakes, distributor, filters and other components. The professional could also inspect the tires and the antifreeze levels.

The next step is for drivers to understand their vehicular safety features. Because there’s a lack of education among drivers regarding new vehicle safety technology, the National Safety Council has set up a campaign called, “My Car Does What?” Drivers can easily obtain the information on offer from the NSC.

Safe practices are essential. In the garage, a driver must never leave their vehicle running to warm it up as this might lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. On the roadway, drivers should accelerate and decelerate slowly and keep a distance of 8 to 10 seconds from the vehicle in front.

When stranded, a driver shouldn’t leave their vehicle but should instead light flares or place reflective triangles to caution other motorists. Furthermore, all vehicles should be equipped with an emergency kit containing items like ice scrapers and shovels, jumper cables, tire chains, a first-aid kit and nonperishable, high-energy foods like hard candies.

Those who do not prepare for the winter will only increase the risk of motor vehicle accidents when the roads are snowy, icy or wet. An accident victim can file an injury claim; in Kentucky, there is no limit to how much the plaintiff can have contributed to an accident. Still, to ensure that their case is strong, a victim will want it evaluated by a lawyer. The attorney could handle all negotiations and litigate if a settlement isn’t achieved.

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