Beware of reckless drivers on Kentucky highways

Beware of reckless drivers on Kentucky highways

Like most good drivers in Kentucky, you do your best to adhere to traffic regulations, to keep up with maintenance on your car and to make responsible choices regarding issues, such as alcohol consumption before operating a motor vehicle. The problem is that you have no way of knowing if drivers who share your roadways are doing the same.

There are reckless drivers on most highways. An uneventful commute to work can turn tragic if a nearby driver disregards safety rules or state traffic laws. Even if you notice a potential problem in the way a particular driver is maneuvering his or her vehicle, you may not have enough time to safely react to avoid a collision. An accident can’t be undone; therefore, if it happens to you, the main priority is to obtain the support you need to achieve as full a recovery as possible.

Drivers doing these things are placing you at risk

Many states have adopted laws that prohibit using hand-held electronic equipment while driving. There’s no guarantee that every driver in your vicinity is obeying the law. The following list shows dangerous driving behaviors that a court may consider legally reckless and for which it can hold a driver financially accountable if a collision occurs and another person suffers injury:

Drivers who use cell phones, iPods or other electronic equipment while driving place all occupants of the driver’s car and any other motorist or pedestrian nearby at risk for serious injury or death.
Reckless drivers often travel at excessive speeds, sometimes as much as 25 miles per hour over posted limits. If two or more cars are racing, it is a definite recipe for disaster.
Speeding is a tremendous safety hazard, but traveling too slowly or too closely to another car is also dangerous. Tailgating often leads to a collision.
There are regulations regarding passing other vehicles. A reckless driver might cut you off in your lane or make an illegal pass, such as crossing over a double yellow line to go around you.
Traffic signals and stop signs are in place to keep travelers as safe as possible. If you suffer injury because another driver failed to stop, you have the right to seek justice in a civil court.
Driving while drunk or under the influence of drugs are other forms of recklessness that cost thousands of people their lives, every year. Surviving a collision that a reckless driver caused doesn’t necessarily mean you can return to daily life as usual, for you may carry the resulting scars or disabilities with you for the rest of your life.

Why should you have to pay?

In addition to the emotional and physical trauma that reckless driving accidents often cause, you may also face tremendous financial distress that you are unprepared to meet if you suffer injury in a motor vehicle accident. There is no reason you should shoulder the burden with all the expenses associated with your injuries when another person’s recklessness was the cause.

This is why state law allows you to present evidence in court to show that the other driver’s actions were deliberately reckless, causing you to suffer physical, emotional or economic injury. Judges overseeing such cases often award compensation for damages that victims can use to help alleviate their financial burdens.

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