Documenting damages and injuries after a car accident

Documenting damages and injuries after a car accident

A person who is in a car accident in Kentucky should take steps to document the situation after, ensuring that no one needs emergency care or that help is on the way. Unless it is necessary to move the vehicles, they should be left where they are until law enforcement arrives.

As much of the accident should be documented as possible. A person should photograph the position of the vehicles, any skid marks and all the damage, including destruction to trees, signs and light poles. Contact information should be gathered from witnesses as well as their accounts of the accident. These narratives should not be argued with or contradicted. Information should be collected and recorded in a neutral fashion. A person should also document whether any personal items are missing or damaged.

An individual should also cooperate with law enforcement but not sign anything without fully understanding it. He or she should also not admit blame.

It is important to write down an account of the incident as soon as possible after it happens. A person should also document any injuries. Even minor ones should be noted since seemingly insignificant symptoms may worsen and be signs of more serious injuries. An attorney may be able to assist someone with the next steps.

A person who is seriously injured may not be able to perform this documentation immediately after an accident, but he or she should still note down details about the accident when it is possible. Traumatic brain injury and broken bones are just two of the serious injuries that can result from motor vehicle accidents, and getting compensation can be important for someone who is struggling with medical expenses and lost wages from being unable to return to work. If the compensation offered by the responsible driver’s insurance company is not enough, an attorney may be able to help a victim get more.

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