Tips to help Kentucky drivers improve travel safety

Tips to help Kentucky drivers improve travel safety

Do you and your family members ever engage in friendly debates about who happens to be the most skilled driver in your household? Many people think they are good drivers; however, if given a list of typical safety habits they should practice to reduce their risk for collision, they might realize they are not as safe while driving as they initially thought.

If you’ve ever taught someone how to drive, you likely told him or her that it’s a good idea to always keep eyes on the road and both hands on the wheel while driving. The trouble is that the longer someone has had a driver’s license, the more comfortable he or she may become, perhaps even complacent, to a fault. If you’re driving along a Kentucky highway and another driver is distracted or speeding or otherwise negligent, you’re at risk for serious injury.

Ways to keep collision risk as low as possible

Especially if your typical course of travel includes areas accessible to pedestrians, you may want to brush up on the driving tips included in the following list to help improve your own roadway safety, as well as your passengers and any pedestrians nearby:

If you notice pedestrians getting ready to enter an unmarked crosswalk, it’s always best to yield the right-of-way.
Always be aware of your surroundings on both sides of your vehicle. This is highly important if you are navigating crowded, community areas, such as a town that is hosting a festival.
Even if you have a green light or the right-of-way to make a turn or enter an intersection, always proceed with caution, in case another car or a pedestrian suddenly enters your path.
Consider bicycles like another motor vehicle when you encounter them on the road. Never travel too close to a bicyclist.
If you have to pass a bicyclist, leave at least three feet of space between you as you implement the maneuver.
Adhere to all state laws and traffic regulations regarding electronic devices and alcohol consumption as they pertain to motor vehicle operation.
If you’ve ever been riding a bicycle when a car suddenly blows past at an alarming speed, perhaps so fast that you felt the wind cause your bike to sway, you understand how terrifying it can be to share the road with motorists. As a licensed driver in Kentucky, you are obligated, as all drivers are, to obey traffic laws and act with caution and alertness, every time you get behind the wheel to drive.

What if someone fails in his or her obligation?

Collisions often occur without warning. Then again, you might notice potential danger, but not be able to safely react in time to avoid a crash. The bottom line is that if someone’s negligence or recklessness causes you or your loved ones to suffer injury, the state gives recourse through a restitution-seeking process that makes it possible for the court to hold the negligent party legally accountable for his or her actions.

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