Survey looks into distracted driving habits

Survey looks into distracted driving habits

Distracted driving is a significant concern to those who took a survey conducted by Root Insurance. Of those who responded to the survey, 47 percent said that it was their top concern. In many cases, distracted driving is caused by smartphone use, and this occurs on roads in Kentucky and throughout the country. For many drivers, using a phone while their vehicle is moving is something that they do without thinking about it.

Of those who responded to the Root Insurance survey, 38 percent said they don’t put their phones down even when they see a police officer. On average, respondents said that they spent an average of 91 minutes on their phones while driving. Almost all drivers used their phones to watch videos, peruse social media or to respond to group or other text messages. While most admit to driving while using a phone, many disapprove of others doing it themselves.

According to another report, those who belong to Gen Z use their phones more than 20 times per 100 miles driven. However, the report did find that drivers who get a discount on their auto insurance by not using their phones are less likely to do so. In response, Root has offered a focused driving discount, which can help drivers save up to 10 percent on their premiums.

Individuals who are hurt in accidents involving motorists who were texting and driving may be entitled to compensation. Compensation may help to pay for medical bills or lost wages related to the accident. It may also help to pay for lost future earnings or property destroyed in the collision. An attorney may use a police report or other evidence to show a driver was negligent in causing a wreck to take place.

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