Who are the most dangerous drivers in Kentucky?

Who are the most dangerous drivers in Kentucky?

If you have several licensed drivers in your Kentucky household, you might engage in jovial debate from time to time regarding who has the best skills. If so, you’ll likely find that each family member has a different opinion on the matter. Especially if you have both males and females in your home, you may notice a bit of a battle between the sexes regarding who is the best driver overall.

Your family isn’t the only one who discusses such topics. In fact, there are all sorts of studies and analyses that compare various demographics to try to determine which states are safest to travel in and who the best (or worst) drivers happen to be. The problem is that you have no idea, at any given time, who is sharing the road with you. The driver in the car behind you might not even have a valid driver’s license for all you know. Negligent drivers cause collisions.

Here’s what the stats say

Whether you live in Kentucky or another state, you’re always at risk for injury when you travel by motor vehicle. However, in certain circumstances, such risks greatly increase. The following list shares analysis information regarding the best and worst drivers in the United States:

  • People who identify themselves as Asian are reportedly the safest drivers.
  • Males suffer more than double the number of fatalities per 100,000 than females.
  • Those in their early 20s and those age 85 or beyond are at great risk for injury or fatality when traveling by motor vehicle.
  • The three most dangerous states to drive in are all located in the south.
  • The three safest states to drive in are all located in the northeast part of the United States.
  • Rural states are reportedly higher-risk areas for collision than urban areas.

You may think it makes sense that younger people are in a high-risk category because this group often contains inexperienced drivers. It also makes sense that the elderly are at great risk for injury while driving because reflexes and cognitive ability tend to decline as people age. As mentioned earlier, however, you have no way of knowing who the operator of a nearby vehicle is, and whether or not he or she is impaired or going to do something reckless.

If you suffer injury in a Kentucky auto accident

Regardless of what ethnicity, age or gender another driver happens to be, if someone hits you and you suffer injury, the court can hold them financially accountable if you can show that they disregarded traffic laws or were otherwise negligent. This is why it is so important to document events leading up to and following a collision in as much detail as possible.

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