CVSA schedules Operation Safe Driver Week for July 14

CVSA schedules Operation Safe Driver Week for July 14

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance understands that increasing traffic law enforcement is one way of reducing car crashes in Kentucky and across the U.S. For this reason, the CVSA designates one week out of every year as Operation Safe Driver Week; during this period, law enforcement personnel track for unsafe driving behaviors and issue warnings and citations.

2019’s Operation Safe Driver Week has been scheduled for July 14 to 20. As with previous events, it will encompass both passenger vehicle and CMV drivers. This year, the special focus will be on speeding. Speeding, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, accounts for more than one-fourth of all the car crash deaths that have arisen since 2008.

Police are also likely to check for signs of aggressive driving, distracted driving and impaired driving. Everything from neglecting the seatbelt to ignoring traffic control devices can lead to a warning or citation. Last year, there were 57,405 citations and 87,907 warnings issued.

Some object that increasing traffic law enforcement does not reduce car crashes. The CVSA has conducted a study, though, and found evidence to the contrary. For instance, the “Click It or Ticket” enforcement program has helped decrease crash rates by 11%. Every 1% increase in law enforcement resulted in a 0.28% decline in crashes.

Speeding is a temptation for many truckers, especially those who are paid by the mile rather than by the hour. However, it remains a serious form of negligence. When truck accidents involve speeding, there’s a good chance of victims being eligible for compensation under personal injury law. Kentucky follows the rule of pure comparative negligence, so victims who are partially to blame may recover damages, but the amount will naturally be lowered. It may be wise to request a case evaluation from an attorney.

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