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How Kentucky residents can help prevent car accidents

Kentucky motorists who are concerned about road safety should be aware of several safety tips that may help prevent car accidents. After all, traffic collisions are the leading cause of death for people between 2 and 34 years of age.

Perhaps the best way to prevent getting into a car crash is to adhere to traffic laws. The leading cause of accidents is negligent driving, such as speeding and failure to consider road conditions such as black ice or rain. All drivers should take care to complete full stops at stop signs, yield when necessary and exercise caution at intersections.

According to one 2013 study by the CDC, 31% of fatal car accidents were linked to impaired driving. No one should ever drive under the influence. People who plan on drinking should make sure they have a designated driver if they do not wish to hire a ride-sharing service.

Another way to help prevent accidents is to make sure a vehicle is visible to other drivers, especially at night. Headlights should be on during rainy and foggy weather conditions. Furthermore, the lights should regularly be checked to make sure they are working perfectly.

Simply being tired is another contributing factor to lots of car accidents. Many safety advocates stress that not getting enough sleep could have similar effects on a driver as being intoxicated.

Finally, everyone in a vehicle should be wearing a seat belt. It’s important to make sure seat belts are adjusted correctly and that all vehicle occupants are sitting in the correct position to ensure the belts will work properly.

In the event of a crash, a hurt victim might want to consider working with a personal injury lawyer. An experienced attorney could potentially help a plaintiff obtain compensation for all crash-related damages.


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