This is what’s happening in a drunk driver’s body

This is what’s happening in a drunk driver’s body

You never know when a drunk driver is sharing the Kentucky roadway you’re traveling on. However, you might notice erratic driving behavior that causes you to suspect a particular driver might be acting under the influence of alcohol. If so, it’s always best to try to safely distance yourself from the vehicle. In a high traffic area when traveling at highway speeds, this isn’t always possible.

No two people react to alcohol exactly the same. You might be able to drink two or three beers and still be able to function quite normally while the same amount of alcohol could make another person feel tipsy. When it comes to operating a motor vehicle, however, Kentucky law has already decided for you when you can and cannot drive after drinking alcohol. That’s why if a drunk driver causes you injury, you can seek restitution.

The legal limit percentage is .08

As in all other states, if you operate a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol content level of .08 or higher, you are legally intoxicated and subject to criminal charges. Drunk driving accidents are preventable, which intensifies the grief and damages associated with such collisions. The following information tells how the average person’s body may react with a BAC of .08:

A person who is legally intoxicated may suffer memory loss or have trouble concentrating.
At this level of intoxication, it’s common to experience loss of muscle coordination.
If a police officer asks you to perform a series of simple tasks, you might have trouble processing the information due to cognitive impairment.
At this stage, even walking straight could prove quite challenging.
The ability to logically reason is greatly impaired when a person’s BAC is .08 or higher. This is why it’s better to abstain from alcohol rather to try to discern whether it is legal and safe to drive after consuming alcoholic beverages.
If a person makes the irresponsible choice to drink and drive and you suffer injury as a result, you might experience anger and frustration in addition to other physical injuries and emotional trauma. This is a common reaction in drunk driving collisions because victims understand that their situations were likely preventable were it not for the other driver’s decision to get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol.

Who pays for expenses?

When you’re hit with medical bills, car repairs, and also have to take time off work to recover, you can easily encounter a load of expenses that you are completely unprepared to meet. The state believes in holding drunk drivers legally accountable for their actions, which is why it allows accident victims to file personal injury claims in civil court.

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