If your Kentucky surgeon causes you to suffer injury

If your Kentucky surgeon causes you to suffer injury

There are any number of issues that cause you to need surgery. Knowing that you have a skilled, experienced surgeon to handle your situation definitely helps alleviate stress. If he or she has a good bedside manner, it’s even better. The bottom line is that you have a right to reasonably expect your surgeon, nurses, scrub technicians and other members of your medical team to provide high-quality care in a manner that keeps you as safe as possible before, during and after surgery.

Depending on your specific situation and current health condition, there may be risks involved with the surgical procedure you have. Your surgeon is legally obligated to inform you of those risks and to explain everything he or she is going to do to try to help you get well. Sadly, serious medical injuries occur in Kentucky and throughout the country every year, many of which were entirely avoidable and caused by negligence.

Make sure you’re the right patient

Never take for granted that the person who comes to wheel you into the operating room has the correct patient. You can be proactive toward your own safety by double-checking that they’ve got the right person. Do you know that one of the most frequently reported surgical errors is wrong-patient surgery?

Just imagine how devastating it might be to awaken from anesthesia only to learn that you had a surgery that was meant for another patient. It’s definitely not your job to police your medical team. It’s their job to follow protocol and confirm that the patient entering the operating room is the correct one for the procedure the surgeon is about to do.

Foreign objects can cause nasty infections

You have a right to expect that your surgeon, who is in charge of the operating room, will do what’s necessary to make sure he or she removes all surgical instruments and objects from your body before closing your surgical incision. Your surgeon’s team of assistants have a system in place to account for every single instrument and item that your surgeon touches during your operation.

If you go home and start to feel unwell days or even weeks after your surgery, it might be because infection has set in. Many patients have suffered serious, even fatal injuries when surgeons leave foreign objects inside their bodies.

Other surgical errors often caused by negligence

In addition to the errors mentioned earlier, wrong-site surgeries and wrong-procedure incidents place many Kentucky medical patients at risk for injury. There are many reasons such errors occur. In some situations, one may later determine that a surgeon has a substance abuse problem. Other situations have to do with poor communication between medical team members.

If medical negligence causes you injury, you may experience serious emotional trauma in addition to physical injury. Such incidents often spark financial crises as well when additional medical treatment is necessary to rectify a surgeon or other team member’s mistake. That’s why the law allows injured medical patients to seek financial recovery for their losses in court.

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