Medication mistakes often linked to electronic records

Medication mistakes often linked to electronic records

When people in Kentucky go into the hospital, they want to be able to rely on their doctors to provide accurate, precise care to treat their illnesses. However, some people may wind up even more seriously injured than before due to physician errors or medical mistakes. One of the most common types of injury suffered due to a health care provider’s negligence is a medication injury. As electronic health records, or EHRs, have become more prominent in the industry, many providers and patients have complained about issues with service and safety linked to these records.

In particular, over 30% of all patients harmed due to medical errors linked to an EHR were hurt due to a medication error. One study analyzed 248 medical malpractice cases linked to malfunctioning or improper use of EHRs and found that there is a particular risk of wrong dosage or wrong medication errors linked to these records. Of the cases studied, 146 took place in an outpatient setting while 102 were linked to inpatient care. The cases in outpatient care were likely to be less severe, probably because the most vulnerable patients were receiving inpatient treatment.

In some cases, the EHR software design itself was linked to the harm caused to the patient. For example, poorly designed software hid information about allergies or incompatible medications, resulting in patient injury or illness. However, many more cases were tied to user errors. Physicians or other professionals failed to take proper care when using the EHR system, dismissed warnings or did not enter patient information correctly.

People who have been injured due to a health care professional’s mistake might suffer serious consequences or permanent disabilities as a result. A medical malpractice attorney may review a person’s case to determine if they are able to pursue a claim for compensation for their damages.

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