More DUI crash deaths on July Fourth than any other major holiday

More DUI crash deaths on July Fourth than any other major holiday

The Fourth of July, even more than Christmas, New Year’s or Thanksgiving, sees the highest number of DUI-related fatalities in Kentucky and across the U.S. A total of 1,192 people died in drunk driving crashes during this holiday from 2010 to 2017. It turns out Memorial Day is the second deadliest major U.S. holiday with 1,105 people dying in those same eight years.

The DUI fatality rate comes to an average of 42.4 per day for the Fourth of July. However, that rate varies depending on what day the July Fourth falls on. Saturdays have the lowest DUI fatality rate (36.3 per day), whereas Wednesdays have the highest (52). On average, a weekday Fourth of July has a fatality rate of 43.4.

Independence Day is also more dangerous than the average summer day. Taking 2017 as an example, 184 people died in drunk driving crashes during the Fourth of July weekend. In a comparable four- to five-day span of summer days, an average of 117 people died.

Drunk driving is a serious offense that can result in first-time offenders being fined, getting a license suspension for up to 90 days and going to jail for up to one year. In addition, their insurance rates may increase by as much as 47%.

Auto insurance companies often have to face claims from those who were injured in motor vehicle accidents through no fault of their own. Since drunk driving is a form of negligence, it can open up the possibility for such a claim. However, a victim will need proof of negligence, which they may be able to obtain through the help of a lawyer. Once the case is ready, the plaintiff may strive for a settlement.

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